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Craig Weber is the author of the bestselling book, Conversational Capacity: The Key To Building Successful Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is On (McGraw-Hill, 2013) and the founder of The Weber Consulting Group, an alliance of experts committed to helping people build more resilient, healthy, and agile organizations. An expert on the subjects of conversational capacity and adaptive learning, he helps a diverse range of clients improve their performance by treating dialogue as a discipline.

The recipient of the prestigious Vistage International Speaker Of The Year Award, Craig has been a top speaker and consultant for Vistage for 17 years. In this role he is part of a cadre of experts who provide unparalleled leadership development workshops to over 20,000 CEOs and key executives from organizations in 15 countries.


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As our world grows more fast-paced and complex, conversational capacity separates those who struggle from those who succeed.

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We’ve helped people and teams from a wide variety of organizations:

“Craig’s conversational capacity workshop expanded our minds to understanding how to build truly healthy and productive relationships! Craig provides funny stories and practical tools made it the most meaningful and useful workshop I have ever attended.”

— Scott Tracer, Sense Corp

“In his breakthrough Conversational Capacity Workshop, Craig Weber finally maps the territory and gives us the navigational compass and skill set to find our way out of the wilderness into a promised land of bottom line results.”

— Michael W. Norris, MA, MFCT, CSC, Ph.D., 25 Year Master TEC/Vistage Chair

“The benefits of this workshop extend far beyond the workplace, it enhances relationships at all levels - and leaves participants with a sense of empowerment, and tools to deal with any situation in the most effective way.”

— Marie-Claire Reina, Boeing Defence Australia


Build your conversational capacity and that of your team with the CONVERSATIONAL CAPACITY eCOURSE

The Conversational Capacity online course will help you perform at your peak in even the most challenging situations.


Course FAQs

This course is perfect for anyone dealing with difficult people, challenging circumstances, or important problems. 

What do I get?

What is your return policy?

We’re so confident about the effectiveness of our course that we offer a 100% guarantee on our product. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns.

How long do I have access?

What if I have questions? Will I be able to contact my instructor?

This course is yours for a complete year! You'll have access to the course from your phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Yes! Your instructor is available to guide you through the course if you have any questions. You will also have full access to the range of materials and resources our course offers.

Who is this online course for? 

Conversational Capacity gives you access to instructional videos, written content, PDF downloads, helpful infographics, and a workbook with questions to help you retain knowledge. You will also learn from memorable case studies and activities along the way.

You'll walk away with practical skills for building a healthier workplace characterized by less strife and more collaboration; less rigidity and more dexterity; less defensiveness and more learning; less frustration and more fun.

How will I benefit from Conversational Capacity?

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The Flawed & Dangerous Assumptions That Can Wreck Your Team's Performance

It's easy to put together a team that works well when facing simple problems 

But building a team that performs when things get tough can be a frustrating task.

The reason: we often miss a key piece of the puzzle.

That missing piece is Conversational Capacity—a team’s ability to have open, balanced, learning-focused dialogue about difficult subjects in challenging circumstances.

Drawing on respected research in leadership studies, business management, psychology, and neuroscience, we show you how to build healthier, more adaptive teams and working relationships- even when those around you are heating up or shutting down. 

With Conversational Capacity, you'll facilitate better meetings, orchestrate more effective conversations, and build a more agile, resilient, and healthy workplace. 


As you work through the course, you'll also learn how to:

Boost your confidence for dealing with difficult people and stressful situations

Speak clearly and directly in a way that builds trust and respect

Have more constructive influence, whether you're in a position of authority or not

Cultivate positive working relationships even when others aren’t making it easy

Strengthen your ability to balance candor and courage with curiosity and humility 

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We’ve helped people and teams 
from a wide variety of organizations:

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